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Meter Ells/Loops

The first generation of prefabricated meter sets was basically stick building the residential sets using fittings and nipples; however the industry and AEC in its attempt to improve the quality and reduce the cost of the sets develop methods of bending pipe and later coining pipe. AEC is a complete manufacturer of bending and coining.

We can handle pipe sizes from ¼” to 2” and coining from size 5LT to #5 Sprague. This range and manipulation of pipe requires unique machines, materials, tooling and investment to the industry we serve. The first generation of eliminating connections and assembly time set us apart as we continued our quest to be the largest and most universal above ground metal fabricator in the gas utility industry. For more information and charts please contact the office at 630 628-3445 for a sales professional.

We offer complete manufacturing
loop-illustration ell-illustration

 1st Generation

 Coined Meter Ells/Loops

 2nd Generation with Coined Meter Loop

Insulated/Non-insulated/Double 90 Degree Non-insulated


















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Residential Meter Sets

AEC is a leader in residential prefabricated meter sets. We have many design options which include but not limited to meter bar, unifit and slim fit configurations. With our tooling and equipment we can manufacture all types of prefabricated standardized and customized residential 200/250 class meter sets. We will work with your approved sources as well as our own to come up with the perfect prefab set that works for you and provide you with the long term consistency that is needed for long term cost control. AEC follows a consistent total cost of ownership process from design to field installation that allows for short term and long term savings. Our design teams are ready to start working with your team.

200 • 250 Class Prefabricated – Meter Bar Style, Unifit, Slim Fit


Customizability, Consistency, Long Term Cost Control

FG5872 FG6956 Untitled-1




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Multi-unit Residential / Commercial

As part of our product catalog we offer a variety of multi meter manifold options. From straight sticks to completely assembled turnkey solutions. Many customers choose to have standard split 2, 3, 4 and even 8 meter manifolds readily available on their shelves as a complete assembly where they can couple the units together if needed and others ask us to build to order. In either case AEC is available to provide a solution for all applications. As always we recommend but do not insist on a complete assembly that is tested and factory coated for complete corrosion control. We would like to see in all cases whether it be a single residential, single commercial or a multiple manifold situation to minimize the field attachment and are always looking to provide these concepts for field installation.

• Custom built to your specifications:
Bent, Straight, Multiple Levels

FG6029-7-LR FG6049-4A FG6054-32





• Close tolerance threads (ANPT) for better sealing

FG6080-3 FG6190-3NV FG6982-8-15-1_Page_1





• Tested and factory coated for corrosion control
• Complete turn key assembly
• Bubble tested at 100 PSI

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Regulator Gate Stations

AEC has the capability of building Gate and Regulator Stations for its customers. Whether it is a standard design or a one off project, our project teams can work with the utility to fabricate the station for field assembly or we can provide the turnkey units shipped in on skids which allows you to plug and play. Once again all of our welders are API 1104 Certified and we have the capabilities of pressurizing to any amount or x-ray each weld individually. AEC can also provide X-Ray shots of each weld on a CD that is lot controlled to the project.


gate-station-pic• Custom fabrication
• Turnkey units
• Custom packaging
• Pressurizing & X-ray capabilities




FG9921Regulator Station FG9920

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Commercial Prefabricated Meter Sets

AEC can provide standardization to the utilities throughout their diaphragm meter range. We can fabricate loops, coining, and bypasses from a 200 class meter all the way up to a 1000 class meter with the largest connection of 2” #5 Sprague. We are the only fabricator who has developed this range of sophistication, equipment and tooling in the market place. So let’s not only develop standardization for the residential class but let’s standardize and look at total cost of ownership throughout your system. Know your system by standardization across all diaphragm meter designs. Conform today to bring you closer to compliance with DIMP.

400 Class Prefabricated

600 Class Prefabricated

800 Class Prefabricated

1000 Class Prefabricated

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Rotary Turbine Meter Sets


Advance Engineering Corporation has a full line of rotary meter set products. Regardless of the size or piping requirements our certified welding personnel can provide the solution. Together with product managers and CAD staff we can design fabricate and test these units. AEC has the capabilities of testing the units to any specified pressures as well as offering x-ray technology if required. We have a variety of products available as a standard design but will work with our customers to customize a specification for their needs. All welders are API 1104 Certified thru a destructive test as well as x-ray. Vertical, Horizontal, welded or Assembled AEC can meet your needs.

rotary1 Rotary2_Page_1 rotary3







If looking for a standard or customized Turbine Meter Set, AEC is the place to go. We can build to order one of our standard sets or we can have our product manager’s work with Engineering to design the unit that works for you. Once again all of our welders are API 1104 Certified with destructive and X-Ray testing.






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Support Brackets

Advance Engineering Corporation does not only manufacture gas flow products but we also carry and have the capabilities of supporting the field installation with brackets, posts and pipe stands. If we have one bracket we have one thousand different designs for standardization as well as custom projects. Our metal fabrication department comes with CNC capabilities, Break press, punch press, drilling tapping and welding.



Industrial • Commercial • Free Standing • Fixed • Adjustable

d1 d2 FG2030-2 FG2789 FG2907-T FG2925 FG7006, FG7006-1, FG7006-2, FG7006-3brackets bracketimg bracket111 bracket riser bracket indust bracket fixed
























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AEC News


by Marianne Keith | Apr 06, 2017 Leave a comment

We are pleased to announce that, on April 5, 2017, the Advance Engineering Corporation (AEC) and Perfect Pipe & Supply (PPS) brands joined the Hubbell family. They will now be part of HCE’s Hubbell Gas Connectors & Accessories Group (HGCA), along with Continental Industries, GasBreaker and RW Lyall.

“HGCA brands are the leaders in many product lines that serve the gas utility, propane and plumbing, and gas and water distribution industries,” commented Tim Hoagland, Vice President and General Manager, HGCA. “Their expertise in coating, welding, and nipple manufacturing will expand our offerings and help strengthen our position in commercial and residential gas applications.”

About AEC and PPS
Advance Engineering Corporation is a National Leader in providing the Natural Gas Industry market with fabricated meter sets and piping. Together with their sister company, Perfect Pipe & Supply, they provide the Gas Utilities Industry with fabrications starting in the Residential 250 Class arena and going up to Gate Station fabrication. They offer a complete line of fabricated Bypass Sets for all Diaphram and Rotary Meter configurations. In addition, AEC metal fabrication capabilities include CNC machining, welding (1104 Certified), drilling, tapping, sheet, plate and pipe bending and punching. We fabricate products for industries such as Dairy, Food, Agriculture, Medical and Aerospace, among others.


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Additional Products

Advance Engineering Corporation owns its own pipe nipple manufacturing company,
Perfect Pipe & Supply Corporation. We offer high quality and competitive pipe nipple and swage nipple products. Please contact customer service at (630)628-6728.

PPS Logo TRADEMARK RBG 640x480 300 RESnipples


Protect your meter set in the field with fabricated bollard/meter guards. We provide a standard or customized to your needs.












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