AEC has invested in research and development over the last decade to find the right solution on coatings for each of our customers. We have tested and retested both independently and with outside agencies to find the best solutions. We have applied total cost of ownership to our process in order to justify the cost of different types of coatings based on the environment our customers operate in. We have made the equipment expenditures to have a state of the art coating system.

Over 35,000 Square feet of our Elgin Plant is dedicated to the coating process. We have procedures and testing in place to ensure that we maintain the highest quality of surface preparation and application in the industry. We weekly pull samples from our own production facility to test our systems in our testing lab. Ask yourself a question is it worth some extra cost up front to save hundreds down the line. If the answer is yes than contact us so we can find the correct or the best options available for your environment. Do not let corrosion take over your system as there are cost efficient ways to protect it.


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• State of the Art Coating System

• 35,000 Sqft. Dedicated to Powder Coating

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