Multi-unit Residential / Commercial

As part of our product catalog we offer a variety of multi meter manifold options. From straight sticks to completely assembled turnkey solutions. Many customers choose to have standard split 2, 3, 4 and even 8 meter manifolds readily available on their shelves as a complete assembly where they can couple the units together if needed and others ask us to build to order. In either case AEC is available to provide a solution for all applications. As always we recommend but do not insist on a complete assembly that is tested and factory coated for complete corrosion control. We would like to see in all cases whether it be a single residential, single commercial or a multiple manifold situation to minimize the field attachment and are always looking to provide these concepts for field installation.

• Custom built to your specifications:
Bent, Straight, Multiple Levels

FG6029-7-LR FG6049-4A FG6054-32





• Close tolerance threads (ANPT) for better sealing

FG6080-3 FG6190-3NV FG6982-8-15-1_Page_1





• Tested and factory coated for corrosion control
• Complete turn key assembly
• Bubble tested at 100 PSI

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